JeBLANC is committed to individual expression, versatility, and sustainability in every single handcrafted piece. 


                    My full name merged,  Jeniece Blanchet, JeBLANC was created.

Our concept is to provide the necessary tools allowing individuals to purely express themselves artisticly 

with each experience being personal for their own. 

Handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Infinite possibilities in every detail.  

There is no wrong or correct way to wear JeBlanc.
On Each dog tag......a passage reads: 
In my eyes, Fashion is truly, and only about the right of pure self expression. 
We shall be judged off of our character not our branding. 
Being yourself, and allowing others to feel, exuberantly express, and display exactly whom they wish to be perceived in that moment, is the Future.

JeBlanc is not about competition, it is about collaboration.



I love to be the light.

Even if the light is in another room shining, and people prefer it to be dim… 


I love to be the light.